The true economic efficiency of a nation is the connectivity of its products to market. The demand and supply of national goods and services on the national, regional and international markets enhance its balance of payment and determine the rate of exchange and inflow of foreign currencies in a national economy. All these can be done with a well infrastructural development policy and the rule of action, not just written documents.  The Liberian economy can truly grow based on the recent and brilliant pronouncement made by the current Liberian leadership to connect the rest of the country with its capital.

Liberia has the potential to grow economically if consider roads and bridges construction as its primary development goal. The construction of roads and bridges throughout Liberia will be an open door to international investors targeting emerging economies and viable startups in industries that are currently functionally obsolete in the developed economies.

Liberia is a blessed nation with just over 4 million inhabitants and vast numerous of reserved in natural resources. When considering natural resources, we do consider the human resources and the fertile agricultural lands that could contribute immensely to the growth of the Liberian economy. Liberia is one of those African nations that have forest lands with virgin tropical trees of over 100 years old that are still useful for the world classical wood industry. Liberia has the grade of gold that is highly demanded on the world gold market and rich diamond resources projecting from the hills of Sierra Leone and Guinea to the Mountains side of North and East of Liberia.

I concurred with the current arrangement made for the first time in the Liberian history for the state authority to deal with and provide a contract to a private international contractor that pre-finances its project and will implement it, based on the design and supervision of the state Public Works Ministry and engineers. e0f045443b0d45d16afa4ab7f99a16f13cc0932aab5492b0249e9ce06201ce86

Economists and light minder Liberians have long been writing and speaking, but written words and spoken words were ignored. The World Bank and IMF have always and will always be funding emerging economies and stable nations around the world.  But the questions remain are, are those funds reaching the major areas for which they are provided for, are there any expertise to carry on the works for which those funds are provided for? In answering these questions, I will commit my concurrency with the recent decision made by the Liberian authority based on accountability of funds and a direct targeting area for such loan. Liberia has been ins and outs of debt many times but with nothing specific to count for as a previous and existing development made for those debts, therefore, debts will always be a part of a nation but the debts should have its meaning with existing and physical mark to remember and count for in the state for the next generation to live with and enjoy.roads